Internet Marketing Trends For 2011

What is your long-term online strategy?  If you feel like your business website is a bit ‘behind the times’ and you don’t know how to keep pace with the changes in social and mobile media, these tips may help!  An organisation called ‘’ has researched the ‘Top 10′ trends in internet marketing for 2011.

The identified trends are:

  1. From screaming to helping:  help your clients and provide value to them rather than pushing your services at them!
  2. From targeting to intercepting:  instead of targeting a market demographic, intercept clients with very specific needs that you can fulfill
  3. Search Engine Optimization Australia becoming an internal asset:  everyone that wants to be successful online must understand SEO or they risk wasting their time and money online
  4. Free is the red carpet:  clients love a free offering and it provides a good platform for forming a relationship with the customer intially
  5. Employing direct trustworthy communication:  clients have lost trust in brands – they would rather have a direct relationship with a real person online
  6. Leveraging influencers and brand ambassadors:  it isn’t about who has the largest audience online but rather about who has the greatest influence
  7. Moving from campaign to continuum:  rather than a resource-intensive marketing campaign, it pays to have an ongoing relationship with your customer with a continuum of events over time
  8. Nurturing strong and niche communities of interest:  from a ‘one size fits all’ social media to ‘interest-specific’ social networks
  9. Mastering email and video marketing: email and video are the most effective form of communication for now
  10. Deploying one-on-one marketing solutions and personalization:  people want personalized, custom service!

These are great tips and worth starting to apply in your business (if you aren’t already doing Web Marketing Australia)!

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